Lebanese Marriage Customs

Lebanese marriage traditions have a whole lot of history and a variety of values. These marital life traditions certainly are a http://www.newhealthguide.org/Morning-Erection.html expression of the ethnic lebanese women and social beliefs of the nation. Marriage in Lebanon has changed over the years, but many of your traditions are still used.

One of the most exceptional aspects of a Lebanese wedding is a cake trimming ceremony. This kind of tradition dates back to historic times. A cake made of whole wheat or barley is slice with a ceremonial sword. It signifies unity and sweetness for the couple.


The wedding cake is usually covered in floral designs and layers. A few of the cakes are nine-tiered. As well as the traditional wedding cake, desserts are likewise served.

A Lebanese wedding generally features fireworks and belly dancers. When the bride and groom leave the church following your ceremony, they may be surrounded by the those people who are present. They are granted gifts from their family.

Another tradition that is prevalent at Lebanese weddings is the zalghouta. A zalghouta can be described as sung or chanted recitation that praises and give thanks the almighty for the couple’s blessings. At the end of the recitation, the couple has a high-pitched tongue trill.

Following your zalghouta, the couples exchange hugs. The couples have been waiting for this kind of moment seeing that their engagement. Afterward, the groom will offer the product to the woman.

During the service, women via both the bride’s and groom’s families generate jubilant tones and give the bride blessings. Women right from both groups also present gifts.